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Should I give my dog Honey?

So, as a dog breeder here in Nebraska we are always researching, conversing with vets and other breeders, about the world of puppies. What do you do when your puppy has diarrhea, or is acting lonely, or car sick etc. Everyone has their own go-to when an issue might arise, because at the end of the day, dogs will be dogs. They get into stuff they shouldn't, they eat grass, dirt, some even might eat rocks lol! So we need to be prepared as breeders and also you at home as dog moms and dads. So lets talk about something that I personally find to be very....very.... beneficial for dogs. Something that nobody really talks about, or thinks about. Everyone is stuck in the rat race of what drug can I give for this issue or that issue, whereas I am not a big fan of Pharma. Especially when the entire dog food industry has such low low standards in place to ensure health and production.

I am a dog breeder that before anything medicinal, I will try my Go-To's of Natural remedies, and below is why I chose Honey for certain issues first.

Tip #1 -Raw Manuka Honey

Honey for 1000's of years was the go to for doctors, its mentioned in the bible 61 times....There is something very very special about honey and its abilities that I will stand by forever. I have saved dogs lives with honey, and not only honey but the Manuka Honey is the best of all. Sourced only from New Zealand and found only in Nutritional Natural Foods like is said to have so many healing powers. It is packed with nutrients and vitamins along with other properties that give it it's antibacterial and antiviral means. So I personally will go to honey if I think they might have an illness or acting a little weak and will stand by this forever.

Closing Statement

All this about Honey is just statements of my history of what I do or have done. It is not medical advice or advised for you to use yourself. :D

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