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a basket of maltese and yorkie puppies.

What do we do medically for the puppy?

We do a LOT ;D
The Following is given:

Our Vet-Care Plan is inspected and established by B&B Veterinary (Lexington,NE (308) 324-3411)

*A Complete Health Record of your puppy.

*.1cc/lb Pyrantel Pamoate Dewormer given to Puppies and Momma at 2,4,6,8,10,& 12 weeks. 

*.1cc/lb Safeguard Dewormer given to puppies 3 times during week 7.

*1cc Nobivac 5-way vaccination at 6, 9, 12, 15, & 18 weeks if in our care.  Ask your vet for their input. 

*Dewclaws are removed between day 1 and 4 before nerves develop. 

*Tail docked if breed specified between day 1 and 3 before nerves develop. 

as you can see we do a LOT of medical for our puppies.  More than any dog breeder I know.  I listed exactly the dose and what brands we use because things like the dewormer you should be doing yourself at home as they age.  Follow recommendations from your vet or online vets of how often you should deworm.  Parasites and worms can come from simply drinking water, it may even look clean, or it may be a rain puddle! Thats why its so important to stay on top of your dogs vaccinations and deworming schedules.  Outside of this medical everything else I do for my puppies and adults is natural.  If a dog feels weak Ill give them honey, if they are sick, constipated, diarrhea, just being groggy, I'll give them canned pumpkin.  If were going for a walk and I want to repel bugs of any sort Ill lather them with a mix of vinegar and water.  I clean my kennel with vinegar too as takes out germs and is safe! We have so much information we can pass along just reach out anytime whether you have a puppy from us or not!  

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