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Puppy Tip: What treats should I buy for my new puppy?

#1: Dog Treats from a Store

I trust dog treats from the store as much as I trust the media. One thing you want to do is take everything you have ever been told about good dog treats and throw it away. I will show you exactly what to buy!

#2: Dog Treats from your Garden.

So obviously I am a fan of anything natural. Garden home grown veggies will be the best, otherwise buy from the organic section in the produce area. So as you know I have raised a lot of puppies over the years and I have had puppies with upset stomachs from certain dog foods. Sometimes upset tummies from change of environment or stress. The immediate go to for a treat that fixes runny stools in a dog has always been carrot for me. So you can give them a whole baby carrot, however, if you grind it up in your processor, they are able to digest and absorb even more of the beneficial nutrients from it.

So you can google many vegetables that are safe for you dog, and beneficial. I do not buy any treats for my dogs from the store. Everything I do is natural, organic grown. I feed baby carrots, lettuce, tomato, blueberry, the list goes on. I will add to this blog later on as this post was mostly a test. If you would have a topic you want me to touch on just comment and I will. Thanks for reading.

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