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Olga & Joe are Dog Breeders in Nebraska

Our Story


So I am a retired (by force lol) business owner from central Nebraska and my wife is an English Teacher from Russia. While I was waiting for her immigration to be approved during such scary times we would meet up in poor countries.  We would walk around feed the homeless cats and dogs. Olya is obsessed with Pugs so all my home décor, sheets, night clothes, coffee mugs, EVERYTHING has pugs lol.  So if you are just as excited about dogs as she is about pugs then message us!

        My mom, who raised toy breeds for 25yrs, helps us take care of our buddies and stays with them if we're ever gone. Our pups have an amazing doggy condo fitted with inside/outside play areas. Inside they either play with their toys, eat, drink, chew on bones, wrestle each other, or watch cartoons all day and outside they watch sharply for any intruders! No Intruder is safe, not even a lady bug lol. 

Anyways that's our story! Stay tuned for the plans I have here are going to be amazing!


So if you would like us to deliver your puppy just reach out and we can get a estimate put together pretty quick.  Deliveries are no big deal, we have puppies all over the USA and it really doesn't cost much to deliver. You might have $1200 in the puppy and another $600 in delivery to Miami or something, but that is for an amazing puppy, bred correctly from high quality parents, and is still way cheaper than what a store in that city would charge for their puppy.  I still wouldn't even compare a puppy from a store to ours because I know what we have in ours is top quality, top notch, fed the best food, treated with all the medical on time and to the highest caliber.  I also supplement with extra nutrition, eggs, coconut, you name it.  We really do raise the best!  

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