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The Puppy Ark

We will deliver our Nebraskan raised puppy right to your door in Colorado! 

Kearney Puppies.jpg

Hello Denver :D

We will deliver to Denver  and anywhere in between Denver and Nebraska.  We do NOT req. deposits, we simply want to find good solid families that will give our puppies the best life. We don't have much population out here in Nebraska so we have to try and reach out to you in Colorado!  We are a Nebraska State Licensed breeder (toy dogs only).  Our main home is in Kearney,NE.  So you can look up our Kearney location to see our current reviews and such, you can call the state inspectors office, you can call B&B Veterinary in Lexington,NE to verify us.  Everyone knows us and will tell you how great of a breeder/family we are. 

Just call or text us anytime so we can set something up:

308-440-7883 is my cell phone!  

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