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PUG (Last one!!)

PUG (Last one!!)

Watch the Video!!!! :D 

*Update*  my boy RICKY BOBBY just fathered his first litter!  This is a big deal for me and I am going to post weekly updates lol...  IDK if you know this but PUG is OLGA's Dream Dog.  I suprised her with RIcky, she started bawling and since then I got Ricky a Girlfriend and they are about to have their first litter together!  I posted a picture of Ricky so you can see what Victor is gonna look like.  Fawn pugs are always darker in the early stages, hell fawn out just like ole Ricky Bobby. 


 Olga is crazy about pugs...Im talking we have pug mugs, clothing, bed linen, you name it!  If you are looking at our pug listing then I am sure you understand our pug love language! 


We are real!! You can call B&B Veterinary in Lexington, NE to verify us (308) 324-3411. They do the Vet Inspections req. by the State. 


NO DEPOSITS - You pay at pickup! Even if we are flying/driving to you!


Text or Call 
308-440-7883 (Olga & Joe)


We raise:
Pug (I have a baby now)
Maltese (I have babies now)
Pomeranian (I have babies now)
Maltipoo (Due in May)

Morkie (I have babies now)


Here is what we've done for your puppy:
* Dew Claws removed at 2 days (no nerves reached the toe at this age so it's painless)
* 5-Way Shot at 6 weeks and 9 weeks, you will follow up with a booster at 12 weeks.
* Dewormer Pyrantel 2,4,6 weeks (.2cc/lb)
* Dewormer Fenbendazole 7 & 8 weeks (.2cc/lb)
* Microchipped is done at 7 weeks (you will register the chip for free with 24hr Pet Watch 1-866-597-2424)
* Fecal Examinations at 6 and 8 weeks
* Initiated Potty Pad Training at 6 weeks
* 1 week supply of dog food
* 1 year supply of Dewormer goes with
*Complete Medical Records and what recommend going forward
*File of Info of Pet Insurance, Spay/Neutering and Parents Info


We will deliver to Denver -  and anywhere in between Denver and Nebraska. Delivery to Denver area is $80. Delivery to Ogallala is Free! I will also deliver to any other state but with that we will have to just see what the plane ticket prices are and go with it, for example I flew down to Corpus Christi for only $350 and Miami was $150! I just charge the cost to make the trip and they paid at delivery. Our main home is in Kearney,NE. So you can look up our Kearney location to see our current reviews and such. Everyone knows us and will tell you how great of a breeder/family we are.

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