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We Deliver

We deliver to Lincoln/Omaha area for Free.  


If you live in another state....NO problem!  I will pack his bags, carry him thru the airport, he will sit with me and under my feet on the plane.  I personally fly with him right to your airport!  How much is this?  I ONLY charge what the flights and airport fees are for it!  Thats it!


I have delivered my pups to Texas, California, Colorado, North Carolina, Florida, Kansas, and Iowa.  The price has averaged between $350-$550 max.  I book the ticket when the fares are cheapest, I have tips and tricks for that.  


So just because we are raising your puppy in the middle of no where, is no big deal! I love to travel and have so much fun bringing our puppies accross the map to their families.  

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