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We have babies right now, they are 2 weekish old!  I have boys and girls, they are so tiny and cute right now but another couple weeks and theyll be walking with their eyese open.  I will update with more pictures then.  If you know for sure you want a boy or girl you should reach out to me before we fill all of the spots.  For more questions just text us anytime. 3084407883


This current boy is from my last litter and he has already moved on to college!  

Maltese is one of my favorite, if not FAVORITE breed of all. They are always cool, chill, closet dinasaurs. So much fun packed in a little white poof. Message me to get your spot in the first pick line.


PS. We deliver to Denver for $150  or FREE to the Colorado border.

(FREE Delivery to Ogallala - Lincoln - Omaha - North Platte)


We can fly with the puppy right to your door anywhere in the USA for additional flight fares. Usually for under $500!)

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