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MalShi Teddy Bear

MalShi Teddy Bear

Our next MalShi litter will be in 4 or so months.  These puppies are so cute and if you are serious about finding one, you will want to get on our wait list asap.  


MalShi is a designer breed, also known as a Teddy Bear. Mine will be around 10 lbs and are from my Purebred Maltese momma and Purebred ShihTzu Tzu dad. This is our first Teddy Bear litter and they are...adorable. The pictures don't do justice, hit up our Facebook for some cute videos.


PS. ( We can deliver to LINCOLN/OMAHA for free - we can fly with the puppy right to your door anywhere in the USA for additional flight fares. Usually for under $500!)

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