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The Puppy Ark

Puppies for sale here in Nebraska! 



As a Dog Breeder why do you like this food?

  This answer is simple:

  • They eat LESS food because it's not full of filler and junk

  • The food is formulated in the exact nutrition the dog requires.

  • Because they eat less, they poo less.  Cleaner is nicer!

  • Because it's not full of filler/junk, the poo hardly smells at all!!!!

  • I get healthier, fatter, energetic puppies. 

  • It has Pre and Probiotics, all the healthy good stuff!

  • I would call this the WHOLE FOODS of the dog world!  5 Star Food

What food should I feed?
we deliver! (1).png

We personally will fly or drive your puppy right to you, the cost is just in the flight or fuel. We simply just love traveling around and meeting our families!  

Holly G. 

"We absolutely adore our little goofball. Joe was great in help match us to a puppy, and match our Heeler to the Puppy as well. Quick and honest responses, even after the adoption. Our little guy essentially came poddy trained! He definitely has the hearts of everyone in the family and everyone he meets.""


"My husband has a pacemaker. He wasn't feeling good one day and we both thought he was coming down with something but Abby did something unexpected that changed this. She hovered over my husband's chest and would not stop licking where his pacemaker is. I took his BP and it was very low. Took him to the doctor and found out why! Thanks to Abby he is well again!!"

Lisa N

"if you contact them they almost immediately reply everytime. We absolutely love our Shihtzu Hank! We got him at 8weeks old & he is now 6months old & he is perfect!"

Kearney, Nebraska (by appointment only)

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