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The Puppy Ark

DELIVERY to Denver is $150

              to Lincoln free

              to Omaha free

                to Ogallala free

NO DEPOSITS REQ. We just want solid families that'll give the puppy the best life. 


We feed our dogs the best of the best, and 

you should too!!! 

  • They eat LESS food because it's not full of filler and junk

  • The food is formulated in the exact nutrition the dog requires.

  • Because they eat less, they poo less.  Cleaner is nicer!

  • Because it's not full of filler/junk, the poo hardly smells at all!!!!

  • I get healthier, fatter, energetic puppies. 

  • It has Pre and Probiotics, all the healthy good stuff!

  • I would call this the WHOLE FOODS of the dog world!  5 Star Food

Click the button to order it.  1-3 days shipping.


   We are passionate about providing our dogs with the best possible nutrition. Our homemade dog food topper is made using only high-quality ingredients that are specifically chosen to help boost our dog's immune system. Give your dog the gift of optimal health with our specialized dog food topper, made by hand in small batches to ensure freshness and quality.