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Yorkie / Shih Tzu

Yorkie / Shih Tzu

Okay so I have posted the whole litter on this post!  Boys and Girls, they all are SOOOO cute, the short hair is the only short hair I have and shes a girl.  The others are girls and boys etc. I am here to answer any questions you have, if you want to screen shot the one you like I can tell you if shes a she or he lol  I will be making a trip to Denver on July 21st so if youre out there or anywhere in between I can meet you at the exit on i76.  I can make a video of the puppies too, whichever one you like, or you can even come over and see in person.  Just reach out, I am always avaliable.  308-440-7883


ps: were coming to Denver down i76 on Sunday July 21st.

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